Mission Statement

Our Issues:

The United States Government is bigger than ever. A larger fraction of Americans’ wealth is taken and spent by governments at the federal, state and local levels than ever before in our history. This and other forces have resulted in substantial encroachments on our freedoms and liberties.

Perhaps the most dramatic and pervasive example of liberty yielding to government has been the war on drugs. Invasion of people’s homes, forfeiture of property without arraignment or conviction, wiretappings, warrantless searches of cars, homes, boats, aircraft, and persons have all resulted from the government’ effort to “win” and unwinnable war against substances which themselves do far less harm than the efforts to suppress them.

In addition, the almost limitless resources and power of government have meant more and more rules and regulations that encroach on Americans’ right to do business, impeding work opportunities even in such entry-level occupations and driving vans or braiding hair.

Restrictions on freedom of speech on the internet, campaign finance “reform” that limits Americans’ rights to speak on political subjects, and enforcement of draconian laws that dictate private, consensual sexual behavior are depriving Americans of their right to privacy, their right to be free, their right (and their responsibility) to function as autonomous and independent individuals.

With the growth of entitlement and transfer programs, the number of Americans dependent on the state and federal government for economic aid has grown tremendously, and continues to expand at an alarming rate. This encroachment by the state into every facet of American life, resulting in economic dependence on the government on a massive scale, impedes our right to the pursuit of happiness as enshrined in our Declaration of Independence.

The Liberty Project supports and implements programs designed to reassert citizens’ rights to their own property, to their freedom of movement and of speech, and to their personal privacy.  The Liberty Project also supports research into threats to each Americans’ right to the pursuit of happiness, as enshrined in our Declaration of Independence.

Recent Liberty Project undertakings include:

  • Public relations campaigns to educate the American public on the abuses of civil asset forfeiture
  • Editorial pieces on issues relating to the drug war and to government’s practice of providing charitable contributions to American corporations
  • Litigation to overthrow laws that govern private, consensual sexual practices, which are still on the books in 18 states and continue to be enforced with distressing frequency.
  • Research into threats to our rights to the pursuit of happiness as endowed by our Declaration of Independence.

All efforts will be aimed at securing the rights and liberties of American citizens, and helping to limit the American government to its legitimate constitutional role — a role of enumerated and therefore limited powers.