September 26, 2017

Judge Rules Statute Violates First Amendment

“Brewvies” is the name of a theater that serves alcohol and food to movie-goers. The Utah Alcoholic Beverage Control sent undercover agents to view showings of “Deadpool” – – an R-rated movie that grossed $731 million at the box office worldwide, the largest grossing R-rated movie in history. State agents told the owner of Brewvies that he could not exhibit “Deadpool” unless he stopped selling alcohol.

Image from the St. Louis Tribune – link below.

Supported by the DKT Liberty Project, Brewvies sued the state for violating the First Amendment of the Constitution. After a long legal fight, the judge struck down the Utah law, saying, “The state has violated the First Amendment…(imposing) unacceptable limitations on speech that the state admits should be accorded full First Amendment protection.”

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