Time to put brakes on civil forfeiture law

July 28, 2017

Here’s a clip from Ronald Fraser’s opinion article on Civil Asset Forfieture:

By giving police officers a huge financial incentive to aggressively target forfeitable assets, rather than pursue justice, the feds invite property rights abuse.

What to do? According to the Institute for Justice, a Washington-based public-interest law firm, Pennsylvania lawmakers should follow the lead set by New Mexico and end asset forfeiture property seizures.

Read the full article here.

Kristy Tubbs, who drove from Fredericksburg, Va., views bridal wear seized in an Alaskan drug raid that is being auctioned by the General Services Administration in Atlanta, June 30, 2015. The bridal show was part of an effort to find buyers for the 3,000-piece wedding collection that has been in the government’s possession for more than two years. (Bryan Meltz/The New York Times)