Ending Nebraska’s property forfeiture scam

June 24, 2017

Ronald Frasher, Ph.D., writes on public policy issues for the DKT Liberty Project, and recently wrote the following for the Kerney Hub: “Ending Nebraska’s property forfeiture scam.”  Here’s a clip:

In response to mounting cases of private property abuse, Nebraska lawmakers are determined to end state and local law enforcement’s addition to a lucrative federal property forfeiture scheme that enriches police departments — often at the expense of innocent Nebraskan property owners unable to afford the legal representation to get their property back.

Here is how it works. Federal law allows local and state police officers to seize your cash, car or other private property on the mere suspicion that it is somehow connected to criminal activity — and without ever convicting or even charging you with a crime. The property is then turned over to the federal Department of Justice for proceedings under lax federal civil forfeiture laws that stack the deck against Nebraska property owners.

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