LJWorld: First bill calls for repealing reporting requirements for asset forfeiture

January 6, 2017

LJWorld.com posts the latest on Kansas’s asset forfeiture laws.  Here’s an excerpt:

The first bill to be introduced in the 2017 session of the Kansas Legislature calls for repealing a law that requires local law enforcement agencies to file annual reports about the money and other assets they seize from criminal suspects and what they do with those assets.

The bill was pre-filed in both the House and Senate by the Legislative Committee on Post Audit, which held hearings and received a report over the summer that was highly critical of the state’s civil asset forfeiture program.

But it also comes at a time when the state is coming under criticism for that program from people who say it allows law enforcement officials to seize money and property from people they suspect of committing crimes, even though many of the suspects are never charged or convicted of any crime.

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